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„IVAN MARTIN JIROUS – Leben / Werk / Zeit“

„IVAN MARTIN JIROUS – Leben / Werk / Zeit“

  Book recommendation: Abbé Libansky & Barbara Zeidler / Institute for culture-resistant goods (eds.) : “Ivan Martin Jirous. Leben/Werk/Zeit (Life/Work/Time)” Verlag Braumüller               An eccentric character Ivan Martin Jirous had been an eminent figure in the cultural underground scene of Communist Czechoslovakia since the 1960s. Now a book by...
“Donau ex libris” 4 DECEMBER 2012, 5 PM

“Donau ex libris” 4 DECEMBER 2012, 5 PM

  The cultural heritage of the Danube region is immensely diverse and rich. Similarly, there are countless small and often unknown projects launched by smaller NGOs or through private initiatives, and although they make a considerable contribution to cultural innovation in a creative and versatile way, they can’t reach such an audience as larger activities...
CIVIC MINDS VIENNA   01.-14. 10. 2012

CIVIC MINDS VIENNA 01.-14. 10. 2012

  01. – 07. 10. 2012 Galerie am Park, Linieng. 2a, 1060 Wien 08. – 14. 10. 2012 Kulturdrogerie, Gentzg. 86-88, 1180 Wien Civic Minds Vienna – 02.10-14.10.2012 What are we? Who are we? What shapes our emotions and attitudes in today’s confusing times? How do we express our contemporary society? What are the values...
METAPOLISM. Urban matters

METAPOLISM. Urban matters

METAPOLISM. Urban matters – Roma District Stolipinovo & Center for Contemporary Art CCA Plovdiv 10/14/2010 Institute for Cultural Resistant Goods / Barbara Zeidler, Abbé Libansky / Austria, Czech R.A?T PROTECTS YOU / Jochen Traar / Austria, gangart / Simonetta Ferfoglia, Heinrich Pichler / Austria, ItalyJosef Ramaseder / Austria, Heiko Bressnik / Austria, Germany Curator: Jakob...
“Skylining Babel” Cuenca/Madrid 2010

“Skylining Babel” Cuenca/Madrid 2010

  NEW KIDS ON THE BLOC An exhibition of contemporary photography from six Platform countries at the Photo España festival Curatorial concept: Grzegorz Piątek & Jarosław Trybuś (Poland)     Warsaw, December 2009 The exhibition’s focus is on the radical changes in the traditional town- and cityscape of Central Europe that had occured in the second half...
"Ash heap of history?-II." Vienna 2010

“Ash heap of history?-II.” Vienna 2010

A few years ago I found some old, thrown away soviet propaganda pictures at a rubbish heap. Pictures, which I – like every former citizen of the Eastern Bloc – „met“ always and everywhere: in school, in boarding school, in official public buildings… pictures, whose content never interested me and were never explained to me....
"tidal current" Plovdiv 2009

“tidal current” Plovdiv 2009

"CzernowitzAustria" - Project

“CzernowitzAustria” – Project

  Found, the “Czernowitzer Austria“ As reported by Dr. Sergij Osatschuk from Czernowitz, on 8th May 2003, during construction work in the courtyard of the former state and trade museum located on the corner of Liliengasse and Mickiewiczgasse, the torso of the Austria Statue was unearthed, which, until the end of the first world war,...
Gruppe XYZ "Czernowitz Austria" 2005

Gruppe XYZ “Czernowitz Austria” 2005

Austria project. Our concept deals with two aspects with which every political (more or less relevant) sculpture is being confronted when for various reasons it has been removed from the spot where it originally was placed. Already immediately after its removal the sculpture finds itself in a precarious ‘existential’ situation. It can be destroyed, or...
Bronislav Tutelmann "Czernowitz Austria" 2005

Bronislav Tutelmann “Czernowitz Austria” 2005

Austria (Europe) has lost it’s head The title itself and the project idea are a broad field that offers many possibilities for selfreflection and general considerations about the past, present and future. Art teaches, motivates action and enlightens even if in the beginning it may incomprehensible. In particular the complexity of ‘understanding’ stimulates curiosity and...
Anna Sidorenko "Czernowitz Austria" 2005

Anna Sidorenko “Czernowitz Austria” 2005

Soap opera What, wherefore, why Delighted I look at the delivered sculpture: ‘antique’, an original antique. Such a thing is usually recovered near my home from the bottom of the Black Sea. Only this here – that is plaster, isn’t it? One of ten plaster copies. The one who once in sweet abandon stood on...
Janos Sugar "Czernowitz Austria" 2005

Janos Sugar “Czernowitz Austria” 2005

  Monument of No Erase A monument to the impossibility of disposal The classical sculpturing is one of the most costly artforms that is maybe only topped by land-art or Hollywood. Basically it is so expensive because its nature is in permanence. As our long lasting materials are costly only the Power can finace itself...